First Year

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At ESAG Penninghen our aim is to give students a solid artistic education, develop their artistic culture and ensure they have comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the design process. This is based on the core design principles that are the key factors for successful design: drawing techniques, graphic design creation, illustration (traditional & digital) and new media technology.

All ESAG Penninghen students begin their studies with a first year course that introduces them to a wide variety of different design disciplines that are essential in the field of Art and Design. Here, they gain valuable insight into the design profession and learn how to communicate concepts visually and express themselves creatively.

Drawing techniques

Mastering different drawing techniques: freehand drawing, human anatomy, still life, figure drawing, sketching and composition – students learn how to represent perspectives and proportion of a subject, apply graduations, values, and visually portray space using lines, shading and contrast techniques. Students also determine page layout, usage and implementation of vanishing points, learn how to analyse structures, forms, colour & light and apply textures. Quick sketching is an essential part of this program and enables each student to perfect their observational skills whilst encouraging them to develop a personal creative style.

International students – the advantages of enrolling at ESAG Penninghen

The French culture, especially within the arts, is recognized around the world. Therefore, being able to gain experience and a degree design at ESAG can be a great advantage for those students who would like professional experience in another country. Japan, for example, is very interested in French design and “French touch” designers are highly sought after. 

International students can enrol at ESAG to gain further educational experience at either a Bachelors Degree or Masters degree level. Also, students who have already obtained a Bachelor of Art can enrol in our 2-year Masters Degree program.

Our design program is divided into two different specializations:

1) Art Direction in Graphic Design: visual communication, editorial (print and digital), branding & global design and the moving image (within the video, film and advertising sectors)

2) Interior Architecture: residential design, retail, hospitality & public services, events design and bespoke furniture & prospective design.

All of our design courses are devised to give each student a unique and comprehensive experience that incorporates both new technology and traditional design techniques. Enabling them to create design solutions that respond to the needs of our rapidly changing society.

All of our courses are full-time and planned on a weekly basis. The weekly schedule has been set up according to the specific demands and requirements of the professional design industry and combines different design disciplines.
There are approximately 30 hours of planned coursework – students are also expected to undertake approximately 30 hours of personal study each week at home. Although the length of each course may vary, students work on a minimum of 2 projects per trimester in each of our design programs.
Students study either a 3-year Bachelors Degree Program and a 2-year Masters Degree Program.
A first year foundation course is mandatory for all students and part of the 3-year program, resulting in the completion of a Bachelors Degree. Students can then, if successfully selected, continue their studies 2 more years in order to obtain a Masters Degree in their chosen speciality.
3-year Bachelors Degree Program = L1 + L2 + L3
2-year Masters Degree Program = M1 + M2
International exchange students can participate in the 3rd, 4th and 5th year programs (L3, M1 & M2)

Documents to download

A l’ESAG Penninghen nous donnons à nos élèves les bases académiques dans les disciplines qui sont le socle indispensable de toute création en design : le dessin, la création graphique, la création...