First Year Program


Admission requirements : Senior year High School level (A-levels), minimum age 17. Applicatns must fill out the Registration File. Given the sepcific nature of training in the visual arts fields, only the final year level of High School studies is required. Moreover, school records are not taken into account, as general secondary education subjects are not part of the First Year curriculum. Teaching is devoted entirely to artistic and technival disciplines as well as method and aspects of the social sciences relevant to future professional practice. Online pre-registration for 1st year applicants is open, follow this link

List of documents :

Here is the list of documents that have to be sent to the school once the web applicationv has been completed and validated:

4-page application form (in the form of a contractual agreement), completed online, printed and signed by parents, legal guardian or person(s) financially responsible for the student


A recent passport photo (to be attached to the back of the application form)

A photocopy of a high school diploma, higher education certificate or French baccalaureate

Photocopy of current passport or identity card (page bearing all personal data). International students are also required to supply a copy of their birth certificate.

For international students, the annual school fees 2017/2018 of 8,290 € must be included in the application.

Penninghen will only accept fully completed student applications.