A contractual training period is compulsory at the end of L3 and M1. Students may apply from an extensive list of partners approved by the School. Contractual internships are optional but strongly recommended at the end of  L1 and L2, and possible at the end of M2.

The training period takes place between 10 June and 20 September .

The main interest of an internship lies in the practical application of the knowledge and skills acquired at ESAG/Penninghen. The trainee has compulsory Social Security , and is covered by legislation concerning accidents at work, as stipulated in Article 412-8(b) of the Social Security Code.

For students at the end of L3 and M1, traineeships are compulsory. The period of the traineeship is between June 7  and September 20 of the current academic year. Officially contracted internships  are recommended at the end of L1 and L2 and required at the end of M2. The  traineeships enable  students to apply knowledge acquired  at ESAG Penninghen. All information on the « Internship Agreement » may be downloaded. Exchange students can train  in French agencies, provided that   »Internship Agreements » have been contracted  by their home schools.

Interested companies may address internship offers to the School secretarial office, Madame Estelle Campion – – 01 42 22 55 07.

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